IPL Acne Treatments

$ 100.00



IPL Acne treatments Face only $100 * Neck $100 * Decollete $150

IPL Acne treatments are a breakthrough treatment that can correct a variety of skin conditions with pulses of safe, filtered light penetrating the epidermis, or top layer of the skin targeting the dermis underneath where the melanin and hemoglobin reside. The affected cells are destroyed and either absorbed via the lymphatic system or removed by the body (micro crusting).  A beneficial side effect of this treatment is the stimulation of collagen production, improving skin texture and fine lines and restoring the skin to a more youthful state.

By treating a variety of skin conditions with one simple treatment, it’s easy to see why IPL™ Photo Rejuvenation Therapy is often considered the most effective cosmetic skin treatment available today for acne with one technology.  
IPL Skin treatments treating acne, blemished skin, pimples & red scars by sending a filted light at 430 nm into the skin with 1 shoot of light to reduce excess oil, bacteria causing infection, pustules, red brown & pigmentation spots left by old acne scars. Your old red scars may go darker & you may get a light peeling from the darker spots over a period of 1 week.

Often considered the most effective skin treatment available today, photo rejuvenation is the ideal solution for wrinkles, pigmentation, reducing sun damage, lightening freckles, acne, redness, broken capillaries.
The elight is radio frequency combined with IPL which increases firming process.

Treatments needed
4 treatments needed every 2 weeks

IPL Cost Per Session (We offer specials as well for body treatments)

Please note contraindications associated with IPL hair removal & skin conditions

Complications and adverse effects that can be caused by using IPL hair removal & skin treatments & if you agree to these treatments you are waiving your right to pursue claim.  

  • hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, blistering, scarring, textural changes, paradoxical increased hair growth, oedema, erythema, infections of the hair follicle, burns, tanning response of each of the six Fitzpatrick skin types, hair growth patterns change, tissue interaction with IPL hair reduction treatments, chromophores, melanin absorption, tanning issues, ageing and skin structural change, irritation, trauma,  hypertrophic,  keloid & abnormal scar tissue, client pain tolerance, can feel like a hot flicking elastic band sensation.
    Treatment is inadvisable with the following for any IPL treatments
    Cold Sores, Diabetes, Metal Implants, Anti Coagulants, Hormonal Conditions, Hormonal Medication, 
    Skin Disorder, take Aspirin, Medical Condition – seek advice of treating practitioner, Allergies, Anti inflammatory Drugs, Epilepsy, Keloid scars, Pacemaker, Skin Cancer, Photosensitising Drugs, Warfarin, Roaccutane / Accutane / Oratane.