Plamsa Lift Facial

Plasma Lift
1 hr Plasma Lift Facial
Includes microdermabrasion + Plasma full face & neck treatment.
Plasma Lift is a new non-invasive treatment that minimizes signs of aging with no downtime. It lifts & tones & tightens skin and reduces fine lines, lifts eye area, jowls, face & neck. This is full face lifting treatment no down time. Different to Plasma wrinkle treatment.

Plasma Lift Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift and Wrinkle Removal Treatment 


Plasma Lift is a new non-invasive treatment that minimises signs of aging with minimal downtime. It tightens skin and reduces wrinkles, scars, pores, sun damage, and other imperfections, making it look firmer and younger. Available for Plasma Eye Lift 

This is a fantastic anti-ageing solution for those who would like to improve their complexion but:
are too busy for cosmetic surgery’s required downtime.
are looking for more affordable alternatives to surgery.
are hesitant to go under the knife.

Plasma lift for wrinkles, hooded eyes, bags, lip lines.
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What is Plasma Face Lift & Wrinkle Facial ?

Plasma Face Lift & Wrinkle Facial is a new aesthetic treatment that’s a great and more affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses energy to stimulate collagen growth in specific areas, making your skin look younger and improving your overall complexion.

We highly recommend it for people who’d like to minimise hooded lids, frown lines, sagging skin around the eyes, smokers’ lines, and more.
Recommended for Plasma Eye Lift, Reduce Eye bags , Deep Wrinkles, Skin Tightening.

How does Plasma Lift work?

Plasma Face Lift & Wrinkle Facial uses a new ‘plasma technology’. A machine handpiece emits a tiny burst of energy also called a small plasma flash on or above the skin surface, targeting specific areas without touching skin. The plasma flash mixes with the air, enters the skin, and create a tiny dot that resembles a freckle.

We’ll continue to create more of these dots following a grid pattern on the area we’re treating. The treatment is often used on eyelids, the neck, wrinkles, frown lines, smoker’s lines, crow’s feet, age spots, and other areas.

These dots will scab and fall off without scarring within 7 days. While they’re healing, they stimulate collagen growth which tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, lines, scars, and sun damage. There is no damage to the skin, no open wounds.

How long does a treatment take?

The treatment can take anywhere from 1 to 1.30 hours depending on the area we’re treating. We also need to allot time for signing consent forms and recommending creams required for treatment preparation and aftercare.
How many treatments will I need?
You’ll see a difference after one treatment. However, you may need to come in for two or more sessions depending on the area we’re treating and your skin type. If you do need to schedule follow up treatments, they’ll be done after 6 – 12 weeks. On Consultation will determine how many sessions you’ll need before booking an appointment.

Is the treatment painful?

Minimal discomfort. Plasma Lift is not painful, but since our pain levels vary, some patients may experience slight discomfort. We do apply a (numbing) cream before the treatment to lessen this possibility.

When will I see results?

Once the treatment is done, tiny dots that resemble freckles will scab and fall off after about a week. You will see results in the next couple of weeks after the skin heals, resulting in tighter and younger-looking skin.
How long will the effects of Plasma Lift last?
Plasma Lift treatments may last for years depending on your skin type and condition. However, you should keep in mind that it minimises existing wrinkles, fine lines, and other imperfections. It doesn’t halt the natural aging process, so these wrinkles and fine lines will return after some time. We recommend skin treatments to prolong the efforts of plasma.

How much does Plasma Lift Facial cost?

The cost of the treatments usually ranges from $200 to $700 . It may vary depending on the areas being treated and how many sessions you’ll require. You can contact us, so we can discuss pricing based on your skin type and other unique requirements. We currently offer a Buy Now, Pay Later program that lets you select an interest-free payment plan.

Does Plasma Lift facial have any side effects?

After the treatment, tiny dots that look like freckles will appear on the treated area. These dots will eventually scab and fall off after five to seven days. Other possible side effects include scarring and inflammation, but these cases are few and far between. As long as an experienced professional does the treatment, you can rest assured that the treatment will be completed safely.

Is the Plasma Lift treatment for me?

We highly recommend the Plasma Lift treatment for people who’d like to minimise fine lines, wrinkles, and scars but are looking for a more affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery. We also recommend it for people who are hesitant to go under the knife.

Is there any downtime with Plasma Lift?

Unlike cosmetic surgery, Plasma Lift doesn’t involve cutting or stitching the skin. As a result, it requires lesser downtime. After the treatment, most patients experience mild swelling for a few days. In rarer cases, patients experienced mild swelling for up to ten days. Tiny dots will form on your face that will eventually scab and fall off after a week.

Plasma Lift Aftercare

To maximise the treatment’s effectiveness, you need to follow certain steps once it’s done. You will also go home with aftercare products. Following these steps will also minimise possible side effects.

  • After the treatment, you will experience mild swelling and tiny dots will appear on the skin. These dots will eventually scab and fall off after about a week. However, while the scabs are forming and healing, please do not scratch them.
  • You need to continue using the aftercare cream and religiously apply sunscreen on the treated area.
  • Avoid using plasters or band-aids in the treated area.
  • Avoid using makeup or other non-recommended creams on the treated area before the scabbing falls.
  • Avoid activities and places where the treated area may get infected. For example, we highly discourage swimming or going to a sauna.
  • We recommend before the treatment to Prep the skin Brightening serum and a Vitamin C product 2 weeks before