Oxygen Facials

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1/2 hr led treatment + oxygen treatment face only price $95 per treatment 

Mini High Performance Facial all 1/2 hr $120
 mini pick me up  Enquire Now
Mini Acne or Calming Facial Cleanse, Micro + 20 min led acne or redness + oxygen,  moisturiser.

Acne or Calming Facial 1 hr $170 any skin colour or acne problem   Enquire Now
Double cleanse, Enzyme exfoliation+ Oxygen Treatment + Led Treatment to heal & calm redness or reduce oil, acne & reduce red scars from acne includes neck, shoulder, hand & foot massage

Oxygen Facial 1hr $150  All skin types  Enquire Now
Double cleanse, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Treatment infuses serums using pure vitamin C, E, A & minerals to renew your skin + neck, shoulder, face, hand & arm & foot & leg massage.
No down time no precautions needed.

Lift & Plump Facial 1 hr $180  Wrinkles, face lifting, skin tightening, plumping Enquire Now
Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion * Tripolar Rf Face Lift Treatment combines Rf & bio lift to firm lift & tightens saggy skin face & neck & reduce wrinkles + Oxygen Treatment hydrates & plumps.

About Oxygen Facials

The actual procedure consists of an airbrush-gun-like wand that emits a 90-95% oxygen, which not only helps the skin to absorb the serums going into the skin (more on that later), but the oxygen itself is antibacterial, and provides a cooling and calming effect for the patient.

Regardless of physical benefits, the infusion of oxygen and vitamins to any part of the body is healthy, and they promote cell growth, as well as collagen growth. It also gives skin that’s been exposed to pollutants such as tobacco smoke and dirty air, skin rejuvenation a healthy glow, plumping, smooth skin texture, pore refining, lifting & skin tightening, calming sensitive irritated skin, healing & soothing redness in acne & blemished skin.