Ionic Detox Foot Spa 1/2 hr S50

Organica Day Spa is a small boutique detox day spa with health spa treatments, beauty treatments & massage. Our detoxing treatments include ionic detox foot spa, lymphatic massage, detox wraps & infrared detox sauna. detox, mud or seaweed spa bath treatments
Our ionic detox foot spa improves your health & well being, release muscle tightness & fatigue, rejuvenate & detox cells.

Ionic Detox Foot Spa treatment is based on osmosis — an ionater in the water-filled foot bath released ions into the water. The polarity is reversed periodically, creating positive and negative ions, which are then taken up into your body through your pores. Your cells are energized by the ions in the water, which encourages your cells to release oil, acid, fat, heavy metals, and other debris and waste which has accumulated in your cells and bloodstream over your entire lifetime. As your cells release the toxins, again through osmosis, the toxins are carried out of your feet and back into the water, turning the water a different colour, or a murky brown, or some other shades that makes you say “Eww.“ You may or may not feel any sensation sometimes a gentle tingle in your calf.

Ionic detox foot spa treatments merges the ancient principles of reflexology with the science of ionisation. The aim is to draw waste and toxic materials from the body through the feet using a metal unit placed in a foot bath to generate a gentle electric current.

When the cells are given a small negative charge in the ionic treatment this allows the body to increase its oxygen supply to all the body's organs and kick-start any processes that the body may not be doing effectively due to tiredness, poor diet or stress.

Ionic detox foot spa treatment simply requires you to relax for half an hour with your feet in the ionic detox foot spa while a machine ionises your system.

The colour and content of your water can be an indication of a problem area – whether it be your joints, liver, kidneys or lymphatic system.

The benefits are numerous and many have had positive results in relation to illnesses.  However, we are all unique so Ionic Detox Foot Spa Treatments will never the same for any two people with comparative symptoms.

Ionic Detox Foot Spa Noosa aims to improve:

General metabolism
Liver and kidney function
Menstrual pain
Mercury & heavy metal detoxification
Skin problems
Generally to balance the whole body, and enhance clarity of thought and well being
Can be used as part of a detox diet plan.

How many  treatments are recommended
Six to eight treatments are recommended initially. Generally twice a week for a month. This provides a good initial detox, and after this time it is dependant on how healthy you feel as to the number of treatments you wish to continue with. However, we should advise that the maximum use should not exceed once every two days. For those suffering from illness, the frequency of treatments should be reduced as you body may go into a ‘healing crisis’ after each self-detox. During this time you may feel tired and lethargic as the body uses energy to heal itself or you could, on the other hand, experience a feeling of increased energy and well-being.

Enhanced benefits when combined with massage or craniosacral therapy or reiki energy work.

There is some evidence a tiny electric current running through your body can make you feel better.  At the very least this foot spa will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Not suitable for people  with pacemakers, epilepsy 

The unit will not remove
any medication from your body. It stimulates the body to re-balance and so allows it to perform its natural functions more effectively. The body will not excrete any vitamins, minerals, nutrients or medications that are beneficial to it.  However, if you are worried – take your medication after the treatment.

Organica Day Spa has one of the best organic & advanced detoxing treatment menus with our ionic detox foot spa Coolum Beach & Noosa on the Sunshine Coast at Peregian Beach.