RF Face Lift Facial

Our RF fractional face lift facial includes a Microdermabrasion to give your skin a good exfoliation + Bio Face Lift treatment lifts tones & tightens facial muscles lifting & contouring your face + RF skin tightening treatment reduces double chin, jowls lifts & tightens around eye, check & neck area. We also incorporate these treatments with derma pen & led treatments to maximize your skin care results.

RF Face lift Facial 
About RF Radio frequency skin tightening is just one of the many non-invasive anti-ageing treatments offered by skin care clinics and dermatologists today. This type of non surgical face lift treatment introduces radio frequency (RF) energy to the skin of the face, creating measurable electrical currents that reshape and contract the skin’s collagen and then tighten the surface of the skin. Radio frequency skin tightening requires no cutting or re-positioning of the skin, as is necessary during a traditional eye or face lift – and has significantly fewer side effects than older laser skin therapies. Much like laser treatment, RF energy penetrates both the epidermis and the dermis to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, but it causes no damage to existing skin cells. If you have sensitive skin but want to treat your fine lines and wrinkles, radio frequency skin tightening may be a good option for you, as it is gentler on the skin than most other kinds of thermal procedures. This treatment is not with needles just radio frequency only.