Organica day spa specialist in organic & advanced skin treatments & facials.  
We offer organic & cosmoceutical products with led, IPL, oxygen, skin needling, microdermabrasion, bio face lift, RF skin tightening, HIFU skin tightening, Plasma Lift, enzyme peels, glycolic peel, salicylic peel, lactic peel, jessner peel, tca peel

Organica Day Spa is a small boutique day spa with 27 years of experience & good advice about skin health. We offer organic facials & advanced facial skin treatments with the best cutting edge face lifting & skin tightening treatments including hifu facial, plasma lift, plasmage, Rf skin tightening, bio lift, led, IPL acne, capillary, sun damage, skin rejuvenation, oxygen, skin needling, microdermabrasion, peels & more. We use Organica skin care products for our organic facials with organic and some active ingredients for some of our advanced facial treatments. We are at the beautiful  Peregian beach village on the sunshine coast. Hifu Facial.  

Organic Facials or Cosmeceutical Facials

With our traditional facials we either use organic facial products or cosmeceutical products and comes with lots of massage & relaxation.
If your looking to dramatically change your skin we recommend our advanced skin treatment facials.

Microdermabrasion $20 extra
to add to our traditional facials

Mini Facial 1/2 hr $80        Buy Now

Organic Facials or Cosmeceutical Products
Double cleanse, scrub, mask, serum , moisturiser.

1 hr Deluxe Facial 1 hr $150      Buy Now

Organic Facials or Cosmeceutical Products
Includes cleanse,  scrub, mask, serum ,  moisturiser, face, neck, shoulder, scalp, hand & foot massage

Signature Facial 90 min $200     Buy Now

1/2 hr Aromatherapy Massage + 1 hr Deluxe Facial including Foot pamper  peppermint foot scrub , peppermint mask, moisturiser  & massage.

2 hr Soul & Spa Facial $260     Buy Now 

1/2 hr  Aromatherapy Massage + 1/2 hr  Reiki Healing + 1hr Deluxe Facial including Foot pamper peppermint foot scrub, peppermint nourishing mask & moisturiser 

Advanced & Organic Facial Treatments

Advanced Facial Treatments Hifu Facial, Plasma, Rf Skin Tightening, Bio lift before & after photos 

Advanced Facials & Skin Treatments 
Hifu, Rf Skin Tightening, Bio lift, Oxygen, Ipl skin rejuvenation, Led, Derma Pen, Microdermabrasion, Plasma.
We can put together any combination of advanced facial treatments to create the best facial treatment for your skin.

Mini Advanced Facials ( Rf, Biolift or led )

RF Skin tightening  1/2 hr $120
Cleanse, Rf skin tightening treatment face only. moisturiser 
Bio Face Lift 1/2 hr $120
Cleanse, Bio Face lift treatment face only, moisturiser
Led Facial 1/2 hr $100 Cleanse, Led face for acne, redness, sun damage or pigmentation, moisturiser, massage.

IPL Skin Treatment only no facial      Buy Now

IPL Face only $100  *  IPL Neck only $100  *   IPL Décolleté only $150
To treat acne, capillaries, spider veins, redness, sun damage, pigmentation, collagen.
You must come in with cleansed, clean skin no makeup. Add to any facial as an extra.
We cannot treat your skin if you have had to much sun prior 1 weeks before treatment. Not suitable for olive, tanned after sun or African skin types.  About IPL Skin Treatments

Led only 30 min $70     Buy Now       About LED  

No facial led only
to speed healing for acne, burns, reduce pigmentation, sun damage & even skin tone, safe to be done every day, for 5-10 days, or as a on off.

Led Facial  1 hr $160
 Buy Now

Led Facial includes Double cleanse, Microdermabrasion, Mask, serum, moisturiser, Led treatment reduces & heals pimples, acne, actinic keratosis, capillaries, pigmentation, scars, redness & speed healing, rosacea, eczema, swelling, sunburn, sun damage, skin rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen, increases oxygen. No down time.

Oxygen Facial 1hr $160
      Buy Now

Double cleanse, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Treatment calms, heals redness, heals acne, plumps up skin, hydrates & leaves skin with a glow infusing serums using vitamin C, E, A & minerals to renew your skin + neck, shoulder, face, hand & arm & foot & leg massage. About Oxygen    No down time

Redness or Capillary Facial 1 hr $190
    Buy Now

Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, IPL skin treatment face only & Led treatment for capillaries & redness, neck, shoulder, hand & foot massage. Ipl Neck & Décolleté extra 

Pigmentation Facial 1 hr $190
    Buy Now

Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion, IPL skin treatment face only & Led treatment lightens & reduce pigmentation, age spots or sun damage neck, shoulder, hand & foot massage. Ipl Neck & Décolleté extra 

Acne or Blemished Skin Facials

Acne Facial   1 hr $190
     Buy Now    

Fair skin types only
Double cleanse, Microdermabrasion, Acne IPL face only & Led treatment reduces oil, bacteria, heals blemishes, reduce the redness from old red scars & heals skin faster.

Blemishes or Calming Facial 1 hr $190
    Buy Now     

Deep pore, Acne & blemished skin or Calming redness. 
Double cleanse, Microdermabrasion + Extractions if needed + Oxygen Treatment to calm redness & heal pimples skin + Led Treatment helps calm redness or reduce oil & bacteria for acne & reduce red scars from acne, reduce sun damage or sun spots increase collagen, includes neck, shoulder, hand & foot massage.  No Down time

Derma Pen Skin Needling Facial  60 min $199  
Buy Now

Reduce acne scars, improve texture, collagen
Numbing cream * neck & shoulder massage while numbing taking place.
Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion . Derma Pen  regenerates new cells, reducing deep pitted scars & redness from old acne  & best for darker skin types + LED regenerates & speeds healing process.  3 to 4 days down time skin may peel.

Face Lift Facials 

Bio Lift
Facial 1 hr $180
     Buy Now 

Facial to tone & tighten saggy facial muscles.
Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion + Bio Lift treatment is a microcurrent energy that stimulates & firms facial muscles by lifting, toning & tightening facial muscles this reduces sagging eye lids, cheeks, jowls & neck. Includes full face & neck treatment. No down time . About BIO Face Lift link

HIFU Facial 1 hr $995     Buy Now     

Hifu Facial is to lift saggy skin, reduce double chin & cheeks, reduce fat.
Hifu Facial includes Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion, HIFU face lift treatment, lifts sagging skin, reduces double chin & heavy checks, lifts eye lids, can reduce excess fat & includes full face & neck. Not suitable for drawn thin faces or clients with very little facial fullness or looking for a fuller look of your face. No down time.
About Hifu Link

Skin Tightening Facial

RF Skin Tightening 
Facial 1 hr $180
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Tighten saggy loose skin.
Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion + RF tightens saggy skin, increases collagen, eliminating lines, creases and wrinkles, lifts & tightens all areas of the face, including jowls, eye lids, under eyes, neck & cheeks. No down time.  About RF Skin Tightening

Face Lift & Skin Tightening Facials

Bio lift &  Rf Skin Tightening 
Facial 1 hr $ $ 250
Firm facial muscles & tighten skin
Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion + Bio lift to firms, tones & lifts facial muscles & RF skin tightening tightens saggy skin, reduces lines & wrinkles.
No down time.

Plasma Face Lift 1 hr
 $399    Buy Now    

Plasma Dot less Face Lift Facial is to firm, lift & plump like fillers, reduce wrinkles.
Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion + RF Skin Tightening tightens saggy skin + Plasma lift treatment firms, lifts & tightens skin, increases collagen, plumps skin like fillers & reduces lines & wrinkles, best suites clients with very little facial fat as this treatment plumps & fills your face while lifting & firming skin. Includes full face & neck. No down time.

Sun Damage or Capillaries, Lift  & Skin Tightening Facial 1hr $ 300 
 Buy Now 

Age spots, pigmentation, face lifting & skin tightening. No down time or no precautions needed.
Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion + Bio lift to firm facial muscles & lift saggy face + RF Skin Tightening Treatment reduces lines & wrinkles, firms & tightens skin + Led lighten pigmentation & age spots, sun damage or calm redness.  
Or you can change led treatment to Ipl Face only price extra $50 

Wrinkle Treatment

Plasmage from 1 hr $599
full face Reduce wrinkles, lines, bags & hooded eyes 

Double Cleanse, Microdermabrasion + Plasmage is a plasma treatment different to the plasma lift treatment this is for reducing deep wrinkles spot areas upper & lower lip, forehead, eyes bags, upper eye lids, hooded eyes, nasal labial folds, crows feet, lines on face. Not a full face done just spot areas treated. Down time up to 7-9 days.

AHA Peel         About Peels link
Facials Treatments Noosa Coolum sunshine coast.

Glycolic Peel 1/2 hr $110
  add to facial $50 extra   Buy Now

Helps to smooth wrinkles, fine lines, increases collagen, elastin, improves the texture & clarity of your skin, precancerous cells. No down time no peeling. 
Cleanse, peel, moisturize.  

Fusion Peel $110     Buy Now

Fusion peel combines glycolic, lactic & salicylic acid, papaya, pineapple &pumpkin enzymes & ascorbic acid to reduce discoloration, fine lines, increases collagen & elastin, improves texture, softens dry skin, pore size.
Minimal down time, generally no peeling.
Cleanse, peel, moisturize. 

Salicylic Peel $110 
    Buy Now

Reduces Acne, pimples, pore size & oily skin. Cleanse, peel, moisturize. Down time & peeling may occur.

Lactic Peel $110
     Buy Now

For pigmentation, hydration, fine line. Cleanse, peel, moisturize. Down time & peeling may occur.

Jessner Peel $180
     Buy Now

Best treatment for cystic acne, pimples to totally kill infection, reduce large pores, wrinkles, age spots & sun damage. There is discomfort with peel strong burning sensation. You will need down time, peeling about a week.
Cleanse, peel, moisturize.

TCA Peel $180
     Buy Now

Best treatment for hyper pigmentation, deep acne scars, unwanted freckles, birthmarks. Very strong peel. You will peel strongly with this peel. You will need down time, peeling about a week. Generally there is discomfort with strong burning sensation.  Cleanse, peel, moisturize.

All Organic Facials, Advanced Facials, Hifu bookings & Cancellations
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