Massage Noosa

Organica Day Spa offer many different massages including remedial, deep tissue, hot stone, pregnancy, reflexology, swedish, ayurvedic oil, aromatherapy, kahuna, ayurvedic clay massage, ayurvedic chakra massage manual lymphatic massage & cupping.

Massage & Healing  1 hr $150  *  90 min $200   *   2 hr $250
1 hr Deep Tissue Massage  deep slow pressure for pain & injuries
1 hr Remedial Massage firm pressure with trigger point
1 hr
Kahuna Massage  deep healing long flowing soft med or firm pressure
1 hr
Swedish Massage breaking up muscle med pressure
1 hr
Pregnancy Massage soft med or firm pressure with hole in the table
1 hr
Hot Stone Massage   massaged with hot stones soft, med or firm pressure
1 hr Lymphatic Massage  detox & for fluid retention, cancer or recovery from injury
1 hr
Reiki Treatment healing treatment
1 hr
Bars Healing Treatment       
1 hr Reflexology reflex points pressure connected to organs healing foot treatment.
1 hr Ayurvedic Oil Massage  kalpha, pitta or vata oils soft, med , firm pressure

Specialty Ayurvedic Massages 90min $250  *  2 hr $300
2 hr Ayurvedic Clay Hot Stone Massage
full body massage with hot stones clays & oils with body scrub
2 hr
Ayurvedic Clay  Massage full body massage with ayurvedic clays & oils with a body scrub
2 hr
Ayurvedic Chakra Massage massage & including chakra healing treatment