Spa Packages

Browse the Range of Packages Available at Our Sunshine Coast Day Spa

At Organica Day Spa near Coolum Beach and Noosa, we have many different types of spa packages available, including wellness packages, beauty packages, healing packages and more. We have one of the best organic & advanced treatment menus with spa package treatments in Coolum, Noosa & the Sunshine Coast. 24 hr notice for cancellations or full charge applies & vouchers void.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate for our Day Spa

To purchase a Gift Certificate, email us at with the service you want to purchase and your Visa or MasterCard details. Please don’t forget to include your contact number so we can call you if needed.

We need your email to send your gift certificate out. If you phone our day spa and we don’t pick up, please leave a message with your contact details so we can get in touch as soon as we are finished with our current client.

Beauty Packages

1 hr Deluxe Manicure + 1 hr Deluxe Pedicure 2hr $160

Foot Pamper 2 hr $175
Deluxe Pedicure + 1 hr Reflexology massage working on reflex points, organs relaxing feet.

Foot Bliss 2 hr $229
1 hr Reflexology massage at our day spa working on reflex points, organs & relaxing tide aching feet + 1/2 hr Sole Repair tides feet up nail file & buff , callous removed, foot scrub, moisturiser (no polish) + Ionic detox Foot Spa removes toxins through the feet into foot spa + Head, neck & shoulder Massage

1 hr Cosmoceutical Facial & Deluxe Pedicure 2 hr $210

Mini Pamper 2hr $230
1/2 hr Microdermabrasion Facial * Mini Pedicure * Mini Manicure * ½ hr Remedial Firm Massage

Classic Pamper 3 hr $295
1 hr Massage + Full Body Salt Scrub + 45 min Classic Facial + 45 min Pedicure or Manicure

Deluxe Pamper 4 hr $399 * Cosmoceutical Facial extra $20
Deluxe Pedicure * Deluxe Manicure * 1hr Relaxation Massage * Full Body Scrub * 1 hr Organic Facial

Facials & Massage Packages

Mini Bliss 1hr $115 * Cosmoceutical Facial extra $10
1 /2 hr Massage * Mini Organic Facial

Mini High Performance Bliss 1hr $145
1 /2 hr Remedial, Deep Tissue, Kahuna or Hot Stone Massage at our day spa in addition to 1/2 hr Mini High Performance Facial including micro + either led, IPL face only, Bio Lift treatment, RF Skin tightening, oxygen & vitamin treatment.

Blissed Out 2 hr $225
1 hr Massage + 1 hr Organic or cosmoceutical Facial suitable for normal skin including face, neck, shoulder, head, hand & foot massage

Signature Facial Pamper 90min $170 * 1/2 hr Cosmoceutical Facial $10 extra
1/2 hr Massage + Hand & Foot + 1 hr Organic Facial (normal skin no skin concerns) OR
Cosmoceutical Facial Collagen, Anti-aging, AHA, pigmentation, oily, sensitive skin Facial.

Ultimate Soul And Day Spa Facial 2hr $220 * 1 hr Cosmoceutical Facial $20 extra
½ hr Massage + Hand & Foot Pamper + ½ Reiki Healing Treatment + 1 hr Organic Facial OR
Cosmoceutical Facial collagen, anti-aging, AHA, pigmentation, oily, sensitive skin Facial.

High Performance Facials & Massage Packages

Massages remedial therapy, kahuna, deep tissue, pregnancy, aromatherapy, ayurvedic lymphatic massage at our day spa.
High performance Facials include either IPL, Led, Bio Lift, RF Skin Tightening, Skin Needling, Ultherapy, Oxygen

Oxygen Facial &Massage 2 hr $245 (all skin)
1hr Massage + 1 hr Oxygen Facial Includes Microdermabrasion + our oxygen treatment infusing antioxidants & vitamin A, C & E to firm, plump, hydrate, smooth skin texture, fines pores, calm & sooth dry skin or acne skin with red scars & reduce bacteria from blemished skin.

Calm Facial & Massage Bliss 2 hr $265 (Sensitive Red Skin)
1hr Massage + 1 hr Calm, Sooth & Heal Facial including pumpkin enzyme peel & oxygen treatment infusing pure Vitamin’s A C & E to firm, plump & smooth skin texture, refine pores, cool, calm & sooth sensitive, dull skin, reduce redness from acne scars & reduce bacteria from breakouts +Led treatment will heal, calm & sooth capillaries, psoriasis, eczema, roseasa, flushing, redness

Capillary & Roseca Facial & Massage 2 hr $265
1hr Massage + Capillary & Roseca Facial Include Enzyme Exfoliation + IPL skin treatment reduces spider veins, capillaries & redness + Led treatment to calm roseaca, sensitivity & heal skin.

Sun damage & Pigmentation Facial & Massage Bliss 2 hr $265
1 hr Massage + 1hr Facial including Microdermabrasion + Lemon Ferment Peel + IPL skin treatment on the face only to lightening pigmentation reduces age spots & sun damage + our Led treatment is a extra boost to really shift the deeper sun damage pigmentation & promote deep skin healing.

Acne & Blemish Control Facial & Massage Bliss 2hr $265
1hr Massage + 1 hr Acne Facial * Includes Microdermabrasion or peel + Acne IPL destroys the bacteria that cause acne with intense light, reduces red acne scars & heals skin from scar tissue + Led will lighten red pigmentation, scars left behind after acne break outs, reduce bacteria, calm redness, help to stop future break outs.

Deep Pore Facial & Massage Bliss 2 hr $245
1 hr day spa massage + Deep pore oil refining facial Includes Diamond microdermabrasion to refine & smooth the texture of your skin + Ferment Enzyme Peel will deeply clean excess oil, dirt & refine pores leaving your skin thoroughly clean & refined, Deep Pore Mask

Anti wrinkle Facial & Massage Bliss 2 hr $265
1hr Massage + 1hr includes microdermabrasion, bio lift + Rf Skin Tightening treatment firms & tightens skin, reduce jowls, saggy necks, lift eye area, regenerate collagen.

Anti wrinkle * Sun damage * Pigmentation Facial & Massage Bliss 2hr $305
1hr Massage + 1 hr Facial includes microdermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin cells, bio lift & Rf skin tightening treatments firm, tone & tighten facial muscles, tighten skin, reduce wrinkles & lines, lift eye area, checks, jowls & tighten neck area + Led heals skin from sun damage, lightens pigmentation.

Skin Needling Facial & Massage Bliss 2 hr $295

1 hr Massage + 1 hr Skin Needling Facial to reduces deep lines, scars, regenerates collagen. Skin needling essentially generates new healthy skin cells to replace aged or damaged ones,to treat visible signs of aging, reducing deep wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, several types of pigmentation disorders, sun damaged skin.

Healing, Detox & Massage Packages

Spa & Massage Bliss 90 min $155
1 hr Massage * 1/2 hr Herbal Bath Treatment

Massage & Detox Sauna Bliss 2 hr $145
1 hr Remedial, Kahuna, Swedish, Lymphatic, Pregnancy or Deep Tissue Massage + 1 hr Infrared Detox sauna

Relaxation Bliss 2 hr $190 (couples $120 each)
1 hr Remedial Massage * 1/2 hr Herbal Bath Treatment * 1/2 hr Infrared Detox Sauna 

Healing Bliss 2 hr $230
1 hr your choice Massage * 1/2 Reflexology  * Crystal Chakra Healing  * 1/2 hr Reiki Healing including wildflower essences on the day & to take home with you to calm & balance your energy.

Body Bliss 2 hr $190 
1 hr Remedial, Kahuna, Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage + 1 hr Reflexology 

Elemental Healing 2 hr $195 
1 hr Aromatherapy Massage * 1 hr Reiki Healing 

Divine Karma 2 hr $210 
1 hr Massage * 1/ 2 hr Reiki healing * Mini Organic Facial 

Specialty Packages at our Day Spa

Body Wrap Bliss 1 hr$150 
Body Scrub * Mud Body Wrap * Mini Facial or Reflexology

Massage & Wrap Bliss 2 hr $245 
1hr Relaxation Massage * Mud Body Scrub * Body Wrap * Mini Facial or Reflexology 

Beauty Organica 2 hr $210 
1½hr Ayurvedic Clay Massage including full  Body Scrub & hot Towel finish * Mini Organic Facial 

Ayurvedic Oxygen Repair 2 ½ hr $270 
90min Ayurvedic Chakra Massage including 1 hr massage & 30 min healing to re balancing & calm your energy
* 1 hr Oxygen Facial 

Chocolate Indulgence 2 ½ hr $280 
90min Chocolate Massage including Chocolate Body Scrub & Chocolate Body Wrap * 1 hr Cosmoceutical Facial 

Detox Bliss 3 hr $345 
1 hr Massage + Mud Detox Wrap + Full Body Salt Scrub + 1/2 hr Reflexology + 1/2  Infrared Detox Sauna + Ionic Detox Foot Spa 

Cellulite, Fat & Inch Loss Wrap Package 3 hr $295 
1 hr fat cavitation treatment to reduce fat & cellulite + Inch loss & detox wrap reduces excess fluid, toxins & cellulite & we finish you with the Infrared sauna treatment , Measurements before & after treatments.

Red Wine Indulgence 3 hr $320 
90min Ayurvedic Clay Massage, massaged with healing clays & oils to rebalance your skin from top to toe & finished with full body salt aroma scrub & hot towels + Red Wine Facial, enzyme peel, Bio facial lift treatment to firm , lift & tighten skin with antioxidant red wine mask +Red Wine Spa Bath. 

Muscle Bliss 3 hr 1 person $325 ( 2 people $290 each) 
1hr Deep Tissue Massage * Full Body Salt Scrub * Detox Mud Wrap * Mini Organic Facial * Muscle Soothing Mud Spa Bath Treatment * Infrared Detox Sauna

Ultimate Indulgence 4 hr $499 
90 min Deep Tissue Hot Stone Ayurvedic Clay Massage using hot stones with deep tissue pressure, healing clays & oils to rebalance your skin from top to toe + full body salt aroma scrub & hot towel finish + 1hr High Performance Facial Anti wrinkle, Calming, Pigmentation, Acne, Deep pore $170  + Seaweed Mineral Bath Treatment + 1/2 hr Reflexology + 1/2 hr Healing Treatment.

Soul Bliss 5 hr 1 person $540  (2 people $490 each) 
Infrared Detox Sauna * Herbal Bath Treatment * 1hr Relaxation Massage * Full Scrub * Body Wrap *  1 hr Reiki Healing * 1/2 hr Sole Repair  + 1hr Organic Facial

 Health & Wellness Packages

Chronic Muscle Pain Package 2 hr $210 
90min Deep Tissue Massage +  Mud Bath Treatment 

Emotional Healing 2 1/2 hr $245 
90 min Kahuna Massage + 1 hr Bars & Reiki Healing chakra balance & emotional clearing + Wildflower drops 

Pure Detox 3hr 30 min $375 
1/2 hr Infrared detox sauna + Ionic detox foot spa + Detox herbal bath treatment + Himalayan Salt Scrub + Detox Mud Wrap + 1/2 Reflexology + 1 hr Lymphatic very light or Deep Tissue Massage 

Chronic Pain, Detox & Emotional Balance. 4 hr $430 
1/2 hr Infrared detox sauna + Detox herbal bath treatment + 90min Deep Tissue Massage + Pure Detox Mud Moore Wrap + 1 hr Bars & Reiki Healing to help clear stress & to calm your mind, body & soul.