Couples Spa Package Deals

Couples Spa Package Deals
Organica Day Spa save up to 40% OFF Couples Spa Packages deals including deep tissue, remedial, kahuna, swedish massage, organic & cosmoceutical facials, mud bath treatments, infrared detox sauna, mud & seaweed wraps, reflexology, ionic detox foot spa. Gift certificates

Couples Spa Package Deals ends 30th oct
No treatments are interchangeable in these packages must be used before expiry date
minimum 24 hr notice for bookings & cancellation, credit details are required to hold bookings you can pay on the day with cash or card. Full payment is required if no shows or without 24 hr notice cancellation. If you leave through your treatment you will be charged for full booking.
Can be for 2 friends, a couple, mother & daughter, father son

Couples Spa Mud or Detox Bath 1/2 hr $40 each (2 people)
Couples Infrared Detox Sauna 25 min $25 each
no shower * 50 min $35 each shower available must bring own towel for sauna only treatments
Couples 1 hr Spa & Sauna includes 25 min Mud Spa Bath + 30 min Infrared Detox Sauna $65 each 

(Please note all saunas & spa treatments must arrive & finish on  time as this is one of our treatment rooms & will be booked for other clients.)

1 hr Couples Mini Bliss  2 or 4 people- save $35 each
Ionic Detox Foot Spa + 1/2 hr Reflexology foot massage $80 each
25 min Infrared Sauna + 1/2 hr Massage $80 each
Ionic Detox Foot Spa + 1/2 hr Mini Facial $90 each

2hr Couples Massage Bliss -   from $125 each  - save $70 each (2 or 4 people)
Mud Bath + Infrared Sauna + 1 hr Relaxation, Kahuna, Deep Tissue, Remedial, Swedish, Pregnancy Massage 

2hr Couples Facial Bliss - $150 each - save $70 each (2 or 4 people)
Mud Bath + Infrared Sauna + 1 hr Organic Facial including neck, shoulder, head, hand & foot massage.

2hr Couples Advanced Facial Bliss - $195 each - save $75 each (2 people)
Mud Bath + Infrared Sauna + 1 hr  High Performance Facial includes micro, led, oxygen, bio lift, Rf depending
Choose from RF Face Lift Facial, Calming facial, Oxygen facial , Led facial , Deep pore facial

2hr Couples Wrap Bliss  $185 each - save $70 each (2 or 4 people)
Mud Bath  + Infrared Sauna + Full body Salt Scrub + Detox or Mud Wrap + Mini Facial & finished with hot towels.

2 hr Couples Mini Spa Bliss  $150 each - save $70 each (2 or 4 people)
Mud Bath + Infrared Detox Sauna +  1/2 hr Massage + 1/2 hr Mini  Facial or 1/2 hr Reflexology

2 hr Couples Detox Bliss $ 230 each - save $70 each (2 people)
1/2 hr Infrared Detox Sauna + Ionic Detox Foot Spa + Detox  Body Wrap  & Detox Bath Treatment .
Detox wrap & bath is great for detoxing & reducing residue from drugs, chemicals, great after chemotherapy reducing radiation, pesticides, heavy metals, pollutants, insecticides, pesticides, vaccination poisons, industrial pollution, chemical warfare,  food additives, chlorine, nickel, lead, mercury, smoking, tar, hexadecane, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, arsenic, aluminium found in aluminium cans (cola drinks), cookware, aluminium foil, antacids, automotive exhaust, can aid digestive problems, rid parasites in the body, reduce depression from removing toxins. 
Add a 1 hr Massage to detox bliss $70 each extra
You need to bring an extra set of under wear for treatment to be wrapped in. Drink 2 litres of water a couple of days prior to treatments if possible & after to help flush toxins & reduce after effects.

2 1/2 hr Couples Signature Bliss $195 each (2 people)
Mud Bath + Infrared Detox Sauna + choose from 
1st option 75 min Signature Facial including 20 min Back Massage + Foot Pamper foot scrub, mask, moisturiser.
2nd option 50min Massage + Mini Organic Facial

3 hr Couples Ayurvedic Clay Hot Stone Massage Bliss $230 each - save $65 each ( 2 people)
Mud Bath + Infrared Detox Sauna + Ionic Detox Foot Spa + full body salt scrub + 90 min Ayurvedic hot stone clay massage, full body massage with ayurvedic oils,  clay's & hot stones & finished with hot towels.

3 hr Couples Chakra Massage Bliss  $230 each - save $65 each (2 people)
Mud Bath + Infrared Detox Sauna + Ionic Detox Foot Spa + 90 min Ayurvedic chakra massage includes 1 hr massage with ayurvedic oils & finished with a 1/2 hr reiki healing & chakra balance treatment to calm & sooth your body, mind & soul.

3 hr Couples Deluxe Bliss  $270 each - save $80 each (2 people)
Mud Bath + Infrared Detox Sauna + Ionic Detox Foot Spa + Back  Massage +  Mud Wrap + Full Body Scrub + Mini Facial + Foot Massage & hot towel finish.

 The only other couples Treatments available together must be minimum 1hr booking

Couples 1 hr Massage $95 each * 90 min $140 each 
Swedish, remedial, kahuna, aromatherapy, deep tissue, pregnancy
Couples Hot Stone 1 hr $110 each * 90 min $150 each
Couples Hot Stone Ayurvedic Clay Massage
 90min $160 each * 2hr $199 each
including full body scrub massaged with clays & hot stones with relaxing or firm pressure.

Couples Organic Facial 1 hr $130 each

Couples Signature Facial 90min $180 each
includes 1/2 hr back massage , organic facial & hand & foot scrub, mask & moisturiser, head , neck, face & shoulder massage.

Couples Mini Bliss 1 hr $125 each 1/2 Massage + 1/2 hr Mini Organic Facial

Couples Bliss 2 hr $ 220 each 

1 hr Relaxation, Deep Tissue , Remedial or Kahuna Massage + 1 hr Organic Facial 

Couples Mini High Performance Bliss 1 hr $170 each
1/2 hr Remedial Massage + Mini High Performance Facial including microdermabrasion + led + choose 1 from bio face lift, Rf skin tightening treatment or Oxygen 

Couples Body Wrap Bliss 1 hr$160 each
Full Body salt Scrub * Mud or Seaweed Wrap * 1/2 hr Reflexology or Mini Facial with hot towel finish.

Couples Massage & Body Wrap 2 hr $250 each
1 hr Massage + Full Body Scrub * Mud or Seaweed Wrap * 1/2 hr Reflexology or Mini Facial with hot towel finish.
Couples High Performance Bliss 2 hr $260 each any $170 facial go to facial page for more info
1 hr Massage + 1 hr High performance Facial choose from Acne, Deep pore, Calming, Capillary, Pigmentation, Lift & Plump, RF face lift facial  include 3 advanced treatments micro, led, ipl, oxygen, bio face lift, RF skin tightening

Couples Facial & Sole Bliss 2 hr $210 each
1 hr Organic or Cosmoceutical Facial + 1hr Sole treatment for men or Deluxe Pedicure

About Mud bath treatments & best uses
This liquid mineral mud is not thick like mud. It is a highly mineralising liquid treatment to aid in relieving & speeding  muscle recovery & relieving muscle tension, head aches, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis & other skin problems.

About Our Infrared Detox Sauna treatments.
About Detox Infrared sauna is a very comfortable treatment. If you previously have had a steam or hot rock sauna this is completely different experience. The detoxification is much higher with infrared at 28%  compared to steam rooms.

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