Luxury Bath Salts

$ 19.00

LUXURY Blend Bath Salts are a combined luxury bath salt to maximise your body’s health, increase relaxation, get a better night’s sleep, improves circulation, ease muscle tension from stress, headaches, cramps & pain. It has Epsom salts to remove toxins in your cells & relax muscle tension, Dead Sea salt to improve & reduce skin conditions, ageing skin, skin irritations such as eczema, sphoris. Himalayan Salt replace lost minerals your cells & body needs to function fully.


Luxury Bath Salts 1 kilo 
LUXURY Blend offers a wide array of Healthy benefits including increased relaxation that can lead to a better night’s sleep, improved circulation, and can effectively help ease tension and reduce aches and pains. Adding certain salts, like Dead Sea Salt, to your tub can also be helpful to those suffering from dry skin conditions, ageing skin and slight skin irritations, and Himalayan Salt to replenish lost minerals in your body.