Oily Skin Large Pores

Organica Skin Care is for oily skin large pores, to rebalance & reduce excess oil production & reduce pore size.

Deep pore clarifying cleanser reduces oily skin with large pores, pimples & breakouts & reduces pigmentation from previous old breakouts. Contains organic & natural ingredients to calm redness with lavender & chamomile, turn over new skin cells & smooth skin with organic sugar cane, maple extract & fruit extracts, reducing bacterial with honey, tea tree & activated charcoal for deep pore cleansing. Cleanse 2 times morning & night.

Gentle gel cleanser is an organic cleanser for a sensitive oily skin to reduces pores & excess oil. Contains aloe, honey, lavender, vitamin B 5, vitamin E E & natural cleaning agents derived from coconut to gently remove & rebalance oily skin & reduce pore size.

Hydrating Cream is a oil free cream, but it is hydrating & reduces & balances oil production, reducing dull skin, large pores but is oily or prone to breakouts, giving your skin a glow. Increases oxygen to revive dullness & detoxifying skin with seaweed & spirulina,  refining pores with fruit extracts & vitamin A & hydrating with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid & sodium PCA, also contains peptides for skin firming. 

Balancing cream this is a oily skin organic matt cream. This is for clients that want a matt finish no shine or glow that has excess oil production. Using oil reducing essential oils bergamont, lemon myrtle & lavender, aloe & vitamin E to give a very light weight cream.

15 % Glycolic peel serum is great to reduce pore size & reduce oil, exfoliates & removes dead skin cells, smoothing skins texture.

Deep Pore Facial Scrub for oily skin exfoliates & removes dead skin cells, with beads & salycilic acid