Dry Mature Skin

Organica Skin Care has great products to restore & revive dry mature skin.

Chamomile Cleanser is for dry, sensitive or mature skin. Restores & revives natural oil & moisture balance, soothes & calms skin, with vitamins A & E,  chamomile extract & oil, cucumber, orange peel, hyaluronic acid,  squalene, milk & safflower oil.

Anti aging cleanser is organic cleanser for dry, aged sun damaged non sensitive skin. Restores & revives natural oil & moisture balance, gently smooths & removes dead skin cells with pineapple, papaya & alpha lipoic acid. Antioxidants & anti aging ingredients include pomegrante extract, roobios tea, dmae, msm, vitamin A, C, E & B5, rose hip, evening primrose, carrot, cranberry, oil & coconut oils.

Nourishing Serum is for a very dry skin. With vitamin A, C , B3, E & carrot, avacodo, sunflower, meadow foam, rose hip, evening primrose, tamanu oils, plus dmae for firming.

Revitalising Cream is for a normal – dry dull lifeless sensitive skin. Revitalising cream oxygenates, calms, protects cells from oxidization, strengthens capillary walls & restores dry skin that needs  a little firming. Calming ingredients are aloe, allantoin, cucumber, elder flower, chamomile & orange peel. Super oxide dimutase & live yeast cells protects cells from oxidization, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide 7 restores collagen &  almond, avocado, wheat germ & hazelnut oil restores oil & moisture to dry skin.

Regeneration Cream is for a very dry skin. Regeneration Cream is an active, high quality, anti-aging skin revitalizing and regenerative treatment cream for extremely dry sensitive skin. Regeneration cream offers exceptional skin benefits due to its exclusive properties based on live cell complex, hyaluronic complex, polysaccharides, natural vitamin complex (A,C,B,D3,E), selected botanical extracts and natural proteins. Live cell complex facilitates the skin’s own biological synthesis of vital substances. This cream is a true biological stimulator for the skin and helps to increase the skin’s elasticity and lubrication, improve moisture retention, and soften the skin, while helping to speed up the natural cellular renewal. For very dry sensitive skin