Organica skin care aha products renew your skin & give you that just out of salon glow exfoliating, refreshing & renewing your skin using natural & organic fruit extracts. Are you tied of having dull lifeless looking skin organica skin care can change your skin with many aha products we have.

AHA Active Cleanser is best used on non sensitive acne oily skin with old acne scars.

Deep Pore Cleanser is best used on a oily, sensitive skin with large pore & pimples.

Multi Fruit cleanser is best suited to combination – dry wrinkles non sensitive skin

15 % Glycolic Peel home use leave on peel can be used on oily – dry skin to exfoliate dead skin cells & renew collagen.

Anti aging Cream exfoliates dead skin cells, antioxidant, firms, lifts & tightens skin reduces lines & wrinkles for
oily – dry skin day or night can also use as serum under glycolic face lift cream.

Glycolic Face Lift Cream stronger exfoliating treatment than anti aging cream used more for night rectifying cream. Firms & lifts skin, reduces & evens pigmentation for normal – dry skin

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel leave on peel apply serum & cream over top. Exfoliating, smoothing & brightening mask for all non sensitive skin. 2 weekly. Cleanse, peel, serum , cream.

AHA Facial Scrub has beads & glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells for dry skin. 2 weekly.

Clarifying Facial Scrub has beads, fruit enzymes & glycolic acid for normal – dry skin

Pumpkin Mask is an exfoliating, brightening & smooth mask for dull thick, wrinkles oily or dry non sensitive skin.


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