Organica skin care has moisturiser creams for any skin type. Skin care for acne, pimples, oily skin, sensitive skin, pigmentation, aging, wrinkles, face lifting, skin tightening, dry skin, combination skin.

Blemish Control Cream for acne, pimples & blemished skin.(use active or deep pore cleanser + blemish control gel)

Balancing Cream for oily skin & with a matt finish. (use gentle gel or deep pore cleanser)

Hydrating Cream is for an oily skin with large pores, revives dull skin leaves with a hydration & glow. (use gentle gel or deep pore cleanser)

Delicate Cream is for a fine thin sensitive oily  – normal skin (use gentle gel or azulen cleanser, calming serum) 

Clarifying Cream is for a combination sensitive skin with large pores.(use milk, combination or gentle gel cleanser)

Probiotic Cream is for dehydrated, sensitive skin that has been stripped of it’s natural skin barrier needs protection.
(use combinatio, milk or gentle gel cleanser, calming serum)

Anti – aging Face Lift Cream with active ingredients firms, lifts & tightens skin to reduce lines & wrinkles by tightening & lifting skin, exfoliated dead skin cells, evens uneven skin tone & reduces age spots, protects cells from oxidation,  For oily to dry skin. Do not use with anti wrinkle cream with anti aging cream you will loose lightening & lifting effect. Use only ( use multi fruit, anti aging, deep pore cleanser, Face lift + 20% vitamin C serum, 15% glycolic peel )

Anti wrinkle Cream with active ingredients to reduce the depth of wrinkles & lines by reducing muscle contraction like botox does. It will relax facial muscles opposite to anti aging face lift cream. Can be used oily – dry skin as a cream or as a serum under other creams. (use any cleanser, Face lift + 20% vitamin C serum with this cream )

Age Spot Cream
is used to reduce sun damage or age spots. Reduces & evens skin tone after 6 weeks. (Use with multi fruit or anti aging cleanser)

Azulen cream reduces & heals very red, hypo sensitive combination – dry skin with capillaries.(use azulen or gentle gel cleanser, calming serum)

Revitalising Cream invigorates dull dry sensitive skin, with capillaries.(use azulen, milk or chamomile cleanser, calming, nourish or Face lift + 20% vitamin C serum)

Regeneration Cream for very dry mature sensitive skin. Very heavy cream (use anti aging or chamomile cleanser, calming, nourish or Face lift + 20% vitamin C serum)

New Skin Glycolic Cream for sun damaged, dry, rough aged skin. Smoothes & reduces lines & wrinkles, lifts & tightens skin, exfoliates dead skin cells, regenerates & renews skin. ( use multi fruit cleanser, 15 % glycolic peel, anti aging cream for day or to use as serum)

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