Acne products reduce acne scars, pimples & blemished skin. Organica Skin Care reduces & heals skin faster to give you a flawless skin.

Active gel cleanser is for acne skin contains glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, papaya & bromelaine reducing build of dead skin cells & reduce red scars occurring after break outs. Cleanse 2 times morning & night

Deep pore clarifying cleanser reduces oily skin with large pores, pimples & breakouts & reduces pigmentation from previous old breakouts. Contains organic & natural ingredients to calm redness with lavender & chamomile, turn over new skin cells & smooth skin with organic sugar cane, maple extract & fruit extracts, reducing bacterial with honey, tea tree & activated charcoal for deep pore cleansing. Cleanse 2 times morning & night.

Blemish Control Gel is used like  serum apply all over face leave on then apply blemish control cream. Blemish control gel reduces old red scars from previous breakout & controls & reduces pimples & further breakouts. Exfoliates dead skin cells & reduces red scars with glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid & salicylic acid, reduces bacteria using yeast & tea tree oil, heals & calms skin with silica, vitamin E, lavender & hyaluronic acid.

Blemish Control Cream  is for oily skin, pimples & blemished skin. Blemish control cream is OIL FREE, reduces old red scars from previous breakouts, controls & reduces pimples from further breakouts. Contains fruit extracts, salicylic acid, vitamin A, C & E reduce red scars, pimples & blemishes,  yeast & vitamin B reduces bacteria, chamomile, cucumber, allantion, vitamin B5 & hyaluronic acid, heal & calm skin.

Hydrating Cream instead of blemish control cream if you skin feels oily but dry & dull with breakouts. The hydrating cream is a oil free cream, but is more hydrating than blemish control cream for a skin that has become dehydrated, dull or has large pores but is oily or has breakouts, increasing oxygen & detoxifying skin with seaweed & spirulina,  refining pores with fruit extracts & vitamin A & hydrating with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid & sodium PCA. also contains peptides for skin firming. 

Azulen Paste is for acne, pimples & redness. Apply after blemish control gel & blemish control cream to just the breakouts only to reduce redness, even skin tone, reduce pimples & heal skin faster.