Nerve Pain & Soft Tissue Damage Treatments

Nerve Pain Treatments 20 min $40 * 30 min $60

Nerve stimulation of peripheral nerves, repair & healing.
Speed healing from nerve damage after surgery, injury & increase blood circulation.

Bio tens therapy is the low risk use of electrical current that is transmitted through the nerve endings to block pain, both acute and chronic. This also triggers the body to produce more endorphins, which helps the body’s nerves system to combat pain.

The electrode was designed for acute studies in which the effects of peripheral nerve stimulation on central neural activity.

Soft Tissue Damage Treatments 20 min $40 * 30 min $60

Ultrasound For Soft Tissue Damage & Muscular Pain
Our ultrasound therapy promotes tissue healing and is very effective to treat acute or chronic pain in muscle & tendon. Ultrasound therapy is the use of sound waves generated through a transducer head to penetrate soft tissues. Ultrasound therapy vibrates tissue on a macroscopic level to heat the muscle tissue, encourage blood flow and increase elasticity. Basically, it stretches the muscle without having to physically move it.