At Organica Day Spa at Peregian Beach on the sunshine coast we know offer Fat Cavitation Treatments to reduce fat , dress size & resculpt your body into a new shape, reducing cellulite with our ultrasound liposculpture & fat burning treatments. You need regular treatments once or twice a week for 10 treatment to permanently reduce fat. 5 areas for 1 hr $99 call now to be a thinner you ph 07 54713777.
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Cellulite Treatments *Ich loss * Fat Cavitition * Fat Reduction

1 Area 20 min$50
3 areas 1 hr $99
5 areas 90 min $150

Body reshaping, fat reduction, inch loss & Celllulite Treatments
Areas that can be treated
Upper stomach
Lower stomach
Upper inner thighs
Upper outer thighs
Front of thighs
Back of thighs
Lower back
Upper arms
Inner knees
Double chin, front of neck
Upper back
Upper sides under arm pits


New liposculpture alternative!
Finally a pain free alternative to ZAP & MELT FAT FAST!
Relax and enjoy a warm soothing treatment and drop a dress size or two.
Most clients experience a circumference reduction after a single treatment of 2 -4 cm.

The Med Contour was designed with the latest advanced ultrasound cavitation technology to reduce and eliminate fat cells in the body. So how does this all work? Ultrasound waves between 20-60kHz are generated by the dual transducers on the handpiece. These transducers the ultrasound waves crossover and create a targeted concentration point. Ultrasound at these very low frequencies creates the cavitation phenomenon.

Cavitation is the desired effect for fat and cellulite reduction. The point of cavitation is to create tiny microbubbles inside the fat cells which implode and cause the fat cell to become damaged, thereby releasing all its fatty liquids. Your body recognises the damaged fat cells and liquids as toxins and goes about removing them from your body through your lymphatic and vascular systems.

  1. We use ultrasound to create cavitation effect in the body.

  2. Cavitation damages fat cells.

  3. Damaged fat cells can no longer contain their fatty liquids and these liquids are then released.

  4. The body identifies the toxic liquids and removes them from the body.

The elimination process will continue over the days following the treatment so it is important to drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, exercise and maintain a low carb, alcohol, sugar and fat free diet during this elimination period.

Amount of Treatment Required
You will see and feel immediate results but best results are achieved after 6 -20 treatments.
Recommended frequency of treatments is 1 per week.
For best results book in for a package
The cavitation treatment is based on ultrasound, radio frequency & infrared technology which enables a concentrated energy to be directed at a very specific zone.
This selectively disrupts the subcutaneous fat cells while leaving the skin, vascular, nervous and muscle tissue unaltered.
After destruction of the adipose tissue, the fat which is in the form of triglycerides, is released into the interstitial fluid betweeen the cells.
This is then metabolized to glycerol and free fatty acids.
The glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as an energy source.
The insoluble free fatty acids are then processed by the liver.

The results of recent studies technology show:
Improvement in shape, contour, skin elasticity, tone and smoothness, inch loss & reduction in cellulite.
Average improvement for all people on the appearance of cellulite was 65% reduction and skin texture was 62%. Skin and cellulite appearance continued to improve and an average of 75% improvements at 3 months post treatmen and 50% improvement at 6 months post treatment 50%. Significant improvement in skin elasticity and tightening of your skin.

You'll feel a deep, soothing heat in the targeted area.

If you experience discomfort we can reduce settings to cater to your level of tolerance (however the higher the settings the more effective the treatment).

Clients may notice a slight temporary increase in urine output following treatment. At least 2 and up to 4 litres of water per day is strongly recommended.

The secret behind ReShape the revolutionary technology that combines four powerful energies Using Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) & Infrared Light energies & Negative pressure.

How many sessions do I need?
In general, for device-based treatments such as ReShape, one should anticipate an initial regime of 6-20 sessions per area, depending on each person individuals needs. generally with one session completed a week. Any less than 4 sessions will generally not provide a long lasting change, so for best results it's good to commit to a program.